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If you’re having difficulty making a call, there are a few things you can try to fix the problem yourself. If any of the following happens, try these suggestions first before contacting us:

I can’t hear a dial tone

Step 1. Sometimes there can be a slight delay before you hear the dial tone. Check that your handset is properly plugged into the socket.
Step 2. Try plugging the handset into another jack.
Step 3. If possible, try another handset set in the jack.
Step 4. Unplug all your equipment from the telephone jacks and try plugging in just one handset at a time to isolate the fault.
Step 5. Check the LED lights on your telephone are functioning correctly.

My call isn’t connecting

If you have a second telephone in the house try making the call using that handset. If the call now connects you may have a problem with the first handset. If it doesn’t, call us on 1300-882-322.

I dial a number and get a recorded voice announcement

Check the number you dialled was correct. Make sure you wait for the dial tone before dialling the number. If you’re still getting the announcement, write it down in case you need to tell an Clarus customer service representative what it is. Barred Clarus that your Office Phone account has been paid by the due date. If your account is up-to-date, contact us on 1300-939-717 and press 3 for Faults.

Noise on the line

step 1. Perform an isolation test by unplugging all the equipment on your phone lines. Plug each handset in one at a time, checking for noise as you go.
step 2. Check each handset for damaged keypads, buttons, crimped cords etc.
step 3. If possible, determine if the problem is related to a faulty telephone jack by plugging the handset into another jack.
step 4. For cordless phones:

(a) Perform a reset by turning the phone on and off
(b) Check the base antenna is fully upright
(c) Check the handset batteries are working
If you are still having problems call us on 1300-882-322.

Connection Support For Windows Users

The following information is designed to help Windows users configure the most common Internet programs for use with Business Broadband.

Connection Support For Mac Users

The following information is designed to help Macintosh users configure the most common Internet programs for use with Business Broadband.

DSL Modem Configuration

To setup your computer and modem to connect to Business Broadband is easy. The DSL Model Setup flow chart will walk you through the Macintosh setup step by steps.

Modem Installation & Configuration: Macintosh OSX

Follow the step by step guide to installing and configuring your modem to use on the DSL Broadband service. If you have problems installing or configuring your modem, you can read through the relevant technical support articles in the Internet Helpdesk, search for your issue to find more specific Helpdesk articles and look for answers on the Frequently Asked Questions pages. If you are unable to resolve your issue, you can request service here.


Splitters and filters cause the most avoidable installation problems for ADSL users. A filter or splitter is essential wherever a telephone or other device shares a line with an ADSL modem. Filters and splitters eliminate the high frequency noise used by ADSL services from being heard on the phones. Splitters and filters perform the same function but in two ways. A splitter divides the signal into two parts one part containing the ADSL signal and the other containing only voice. Filters block the ADSL signal and allow the voice to go through.

Filters typically have 2 labels: Phone and Line. To use a filter connect your telephone devices to the phone side of the filter and plug the filter into the wall socket. Never filter the signal going into your ADSL modem as this will result in a slow, unreliable connection. Never install a filter backwards as the results are unpredictable.

If you need to plug your ADSL modem into the same wall socket as a telephone, use a telephone double adapter: plug the telephone double adaptor into the wall socket plug the ADSL modem into the double adaptor plug the filter in to the double adaptor and, connect the telephone devices to the filter

Just because it fits together doesn`t make it right! It is very important to read and identify the labels on splitters and filters, because the plugs and sockets can be connected in many different combinations only one of which actually works.

If your phone lines look like a rats nest of extension cords, it can help to clean them up before trying to put the filters or splitters in place. Although it often works, it is not recommended to install your ADSL modem on a telephone extension cord.

When accessing the Internet, it is important to be aware of Internet Security issues such as viruses, hackers, and privacy threats. You can protect your business from such threats by using a security solution.


When online your computer is potentially vulnerable to malicious Internet users. A Firewall is software and/or hardware used to protect one or more computers connected to the Internet from hackers and other unwanted intrusions.


A computer virus is a program or piece of malicious code that can have many negative effects on your computer. Protecting your computer against viruses is easy with Antivirus software.

Content filtering

Content filtering software helps you control the content accessed from your computer. It can be used to restrict and monitor Web sites, Email, Chat, IM and newsgroups that may be offensive and/or inappropriate for children. The Internet Industry Association has approved a list of Internet Content Filters which have been independently tested and meet the criteria outlined in the IIA content code.

Spyware and adware

Adware, also known as an Adbot, can profile your online surfing and spending habits and pop up those annoying ad windows. Spyware, also known as Malware is potentially far more dangerous than Adware because it can record your keystrokes, history, passwords and other confidential and private information.

Spam filters

`Spam` is unwanted and unsolicited junk email on the Internet. The Spam Act 2003 was established to regulate spam (defined as an unsolicited commercial electronic message`) sent to or by Australian end users. ACMA`s website has some great tips on how you can protect yourself and minimise your chances of receiving spam.

Telephone Features Support
Calling Number Displays Codes (Telstra & Optus Networks)
Fixed-line telephones


Telstra Network Feature Codes

FAT = Feature Access Tone RVA = Recorded Voice Announcement
PIN = Personal Identification Number AXE = Ericsson Exchange
S12 = Alcatel Exchange

“Easycall” and “Faxstream Duet” are registered trademarks of Telstra Corporation Limited


Optus Network Feature Codes Legend:

FAT = Feature Access Tone
PIN = Personal Identification Number
RVA = Recorded Voice
Announcement DMS = Nortel DMS100 Exchange