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Clarus uses ISDN and Multiline which are proven, progressive and robust technologies that provide scalable phone line solutions and are delivered on Australia’s largest networks. Combining ISDN and Multiline with your PBX system will enable you to enjoy multiple advantages, such as Direct Indial Range (100 numbers) which allows every staff member to have their own number, Hunt Groups and Extension Level Billing.

With this technology you can connect with your customers, save time with optimised call handling, and have peace of mind with disaster recovery options – all with high reliability, 24×7 support, and great value for money.

The biggest advantage of ISDN/Multiline is that we can design tailor made solutions for your business that will suit your needs at present and are flexible to grow with you in the future.

Clarus Business Phone Line features and options that can help your business scale up and be more productive

  • Proven and robust technology
  • Low monthly line rental
  • Great value call rates including FREE local calls
  • Delivered on the Telstra/Optus network
  • Scalable phone line solution – Match the growth of your business to the number of lines
  • Direct In-dial Range (100 numbers) – allows every staff member to have their own number
  • Compatible with a wide range of digital PABX using rock solid reliable technology
  • Hunt Groups – finds the first available person
  • Calling Number Display – show either the direct extension number or a main number
  • Extension level billing – itemised individual phone utilisation
  • Keep the same numbers
  • Remote access – enables one channel to be able to control the PABX remotely

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Benefits of Clarus Business Phone Line


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