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Clarus provides a range of Internet services from 2Mbps to 1Gbps suitable for any business size, from small-medium to enterprise.

Our high availability Internet services can be quickly scaled up or down to suit your changing business needs. Clarus Internet ensures fast, effective Internet access every time, with flexible plans and competitive pricing.


From small business to enterprise

  • Get the right type of access for your business
  • Fixed monthly fees
  • Plans to suit your budget and requirements



  • Easily scale up as your business grows
  • Optional add-on services: Email Filtering, Mail hosting, DNS hosting, and Web hosting



  • Enhanced network performance and lower costs
  • Peering with WAIX, Pipe, Equinix, Google, and Akamai

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Tired of comparing Internet plans, we make it simple for you.

Get UNLIMITED data plan with Clarus.

ADSL2+ Plans



  • Connection Charge
  • Internet Data
  • Speed
  • Minimum Contract Term
  • Minimum Contract Fee

Unlimited ADSL 2+

$55.95 p/m

  • Nil
  • Unlimited
  • ADSL2+ up to (20mbps/1mbps)
  • 12/24 months
  • $671.40/$1,342.80
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ADSL2 + Bundle

$45.95 p/m

  • Nil
  • Unlimited
  • ADSL2+ up to (20mbps/1mbps)
  • 24 months
  • $1,102.80
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Fine Print

  • All Prices quoted includes GST
  • This offer is only available to approved customers (Credit and Service ability check).
  • The entire offer is subject to our company policies (Standard form of agreement, ADSL T&C, Filters acceptable use policy).
  • Minimum contract term on fixed phone lines 12 months and ADSL2+ 24 months
  • Actual speeds may vary as many factors affect speed such as Internet traffic, i.e. hardware and software, the source of individual download and location.
  • Account linked to the Direct Debit is confirmed once approved by bank.
  • If contract is cancelled or terminated within contract term (i.e. out of cooling-off the 10 day cooling off period and within the 24 months) an early termination fee (ETF) is charged equal to $15.00 for every month remaining on the contract, payment is to be made within 14 days from the final invoice date.
  • Payment via American Express incurs a 3.5% surcharge and payment via Diners Club incurs a 2.9% surcharge on the final invoice amount payable.
  • Late payment fees apply as per the terms and condition including general fees for paper invoices.
  • This offer may result in losing existing current providers supplied email address and all emails associated with the other email address (e.g.
  • Pricing subject to change at any time.
  • Please call our Customer Care team on 1300-882-322 or email: / for more information.

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