About Clarus

All you one-man-army, the farmers, the restaurant owners, the mechanics, the hairdressers, the bookkeepers, the plumbers, the start-up, the gardeners, the butchers, the bakers, and the candlestick makers.

Clarus’ attention is squarely focused on you, the unsung heroes of the Australian economy. In 2014 with over 61% of actively trading businesses having zero employees and 97% having less than 20, the backbone of the Australian economy is small business.

Small business does most of the employing in Australia and grows our economy; large telecom suppliers are focused on products and solutions that benefit large corporates, but not Clarus.

Clarus is focused on you, the small business owner. We’ll deliver a range of services that benefit you, save you money and make your business easier. We focus on providing the solutions, price and standard of service that you deserve, after all, you drive this economy, you deserve a great deal and we aim to ensure you get it!

Our Mission

Our company is founded with a rebellious and entrepreneurial vision. We pursue growth, yours and ours. We embrace the concepts of ethics and honesty and we deliver innovative services and strong support to simplify the lives of our customers.

Benefits of choosing Clarus

Choosing Clarus has great value

Great value broadband and telephone plans to suit your needs and budget

Choosing Clarus is stree free

Stress free sign up process, we’ll do the work for you

Clarus has reliable support

Reliable support when you need it. Our Tech support team is available to assist you 7 days a week

You can trust Clarus

A trusted Australian Brand

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